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How to migrate a website from a Plesk backup

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I had to move a few websites from a Plesk backup, which gave me only a file named www.domain.com_YYYY.MM.DD-HH-mm, with no other hint about its filetype.
Here comes the solution, from Parallel’s knowledge base:
In short, yo uhave to install an app called munpack in your server and run the command:
zcat your_plesk_backup | munpack
After that, you’ll have several files in the same directory. At first, we are interested in a few files to import to our server:

  • anything.httpdocs: tar/gzipped copy of the httpdocs directory, containing all web files;
  • anythinghttpsdocs: tar/gzipped copy of the httpsdocs directory, containing all web files. Usually empty;
  • anything.mysql: textfile containing a dump for the database named anything;
  • tar/gzipped containing the emails from this account. You can create this email user in your server, copy the files to the appropriate directory and change the ownership to each email user.

So these are the steps I needed to migrate a few sites. As these sites didn’t have any CGI scripts, I haven’t tried to copy them too.