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BOOTMGR is missing

Monday, January 26th, 2009

I just received a notebook which originally came with Windows Vista preinstalled, and with a preinstall partition.
I presume it was intended to be booted whenever the user wanted it to be reinstalled.

But, the previous technician simply shrunk the partition and now it gives me the error “BOOTMGR is missing”.

I tried booting with a installer DVD for another Vista, but all it says is that there’s no Vista installation to be repaired.
The “bootrec /fixboot” trick doesn’t work, either.

I gave up on trying to fix that partition, but was able to recover the system.
It happens that inside a directory named support I found a copy of ghostwin32.exe. I figured out it should be a windows version o Norton ghost – which I never use since it requires a full working windows to be used, and that’s exactly what I didn’t have…

So, using my “Hiren’s Boot CD”, i run ghost 11 from this CD and found an image file named vista.img
I simply made a partition recover using that image, activated that partition and, sure enough, the Windows Vista partition was working again!

In short, I guess I will never understand why do these companies make such a complicated scheme for recovering a system… Simple things are surely more reliable 🙂