importer from Comdev One to phpMyFAQ

I made this script to import the faq database from an old faq system I had (Comdev One, from FYI: it was version 4.1.

The problem is, the old script is encrypted with Zend Optimizer, and I prefer to use an open source script. Besides, phpMyFAQ is much more feature rich than ComDEV’s.

So, I made this converter to copy the FAQ categories and contents from comdev into my phpMyFAQ installation. Beware: I coded it in two hours, and tested it only to see if my contents were imported. Therefore, anyone who dares to use it shall not blame me!

OK, here are the instructions:

* install phpMyFAQ in your server;
* install a copy of your previous comdev’s database
* open the file faqimport/includes/configure.php and edit the databse parameters. Also, edit the define for DB_PREFIX to match the one used by phpMyFAQ
* run the importer;
* It’s done!

Note: The importer truncates all involved tables before importing anything, so if you want to keep any categories, faqs or stats, don’t use this importer!

In case you need some scripting services, feel free to contact me at claudio.imai (at) gmail (dot) com


Claudio Hideki Imai


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